Helping top female leaders recalibrate, recharge and thrive personally & professionally.

Ignite Your Fire. Transform Your Life.


Most leaders & executives are suffering in silence because they’re on the verge of burning out and have no one to talk to. I help them explore more fulfilling possibilities so they can start thriving again – personally & professionally.

Leadership can be intense at the best of times and as a high-performer, you may frequently find yourself on the verge of burnout, but does it really have to be this way?
After more than 2 decades in top-tier leadership roles, I realized I was a workaholic working myself to death.
I was “on the edge” …overwhelmed, overworked and overweight!
Stressed and a hot mess, it took a toll on me mentally, physically and emotionally!
When I finally reached my breaking point I decided to hit pause on my career and give myself time to heal and figure things out.
Now that I have, I’m helping others realize although there is a true price of success, it does not have to be that way.
Success is a choice and you can choose to chase it as typical high-performer (as I did – and you saw what happened to me) or as an intuitive high-performer who comes from a different place, working from and measuring success from the inside out.

Featured Programs

Group Coaching

A 3-month journey with up to six like-minded top-performers taking steps to ignite the fire within, thrive and explore possibilities of what’s next without sacrificing success.

Private Coaching

My highest level of support gives us the opportunity to work together 1:1. You’ll receive customized deep coaching to help you create and achieve your highest-level goals.

Intensives & Retreats

Boutique workshops, energizing experiences and multi-day events focused on helping you shift, transform and recharge your mind, energy and outlook on life.


See how real women have changed their lives for the better…with positive results…every time!

Dorothy Andreas

President & Business Owner
Before Kafi I was completely consumed with the heaviness of life. Kafi taught me how to find flow and passion in my day. As a result of working with Kafi, I now have a rhythm to my day that gives me balance, energy and an ease that creates results impacting my bottom line.

Karen K.

Certified Life Coach
I got lost in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life until Kafi helped me break through the mental, physical and emotional challenges holding me back. I went from being stuck, frustrated and exhausted to feeling alive, energized and empowered to take on the world!

Joanna Blanker

Founder, Healthy Bisnezz
Yet again, working with Kafi has been amazing. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She helped me get amazing results in life and business in a matter of weeks!

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