Become Unpologetically

Helping exhausted leaders reduce stress, prioritize
self-care and take back control of their lives.


I’m Kafi London,
let’s start a transformation.

My three-step system will help you
Reduce stress, Prioritize self-care and
Take back control of your life!


Amazing results
are within your reach.

Together we’ll create the best version of you
from your head to your heart to your hips.


Who Are Smart Women on Fire?

It’s all about transformation!

1. Conquer
Every transformation must begin with a shift from the old assumptions we hold about ourselves to embracing a new journey with a new attitude. I will help you discover how to conquer the the daily work deadlines, dilemmas and demands so you can stay focused on achieving your personal and professional goals.
2. Create
Prioritizing your health and well-being by creating new rituals and habits is essential in your transformation.  I will reveal how to create a self-care plan that supports the proper functioning of the body; additionally, you will learn how to embrace active solutions that produce endorphins to reduce stress, promote healing, and foster positivity.
3. Celebrate
As the saying goes, we’re all born for a specific purpose, with specific gifts but sometimes we get side-tracked, blocked, or discouraged from our intention. I will help you to reconnect with these skills so you can celebrate what you REALLY have to offer the world and, more importantly, how you can successfully and unapologetically go after what it is your really want. .

Imagine if you could stop trading stress for success and instead feel alive, energized, and excited by what you do?

Hi there! First of all, I want to say welcome and thank you for stopping by. I want to help you transform your life and find your “badass” factor. I was once not living my best life – I was overworked, overweight, stressed to the max and burnt out.

The truth was I was broken and had lost my way.

I had to learn how to reset my mindset, re-energize my body, and reconnect with my inner feminine superpower in order to reignite the woman within – and the best part is – I am now doing my life’s best work helping women around the world by sharing the same strategies that helped me go from being stuck to unstoppable!


Meet Kafi London

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See how I’ve help change real women’s lives for the better with positive results everytime!

Dorothy Andreas

President & Business Owner
Kafi’s system taught me how to find my passion again. She helped me produce results that have impacted my energy and career!

Karen K.

Certified Life Coach
By following Kafi’s system I was able to breakthrough the mental, physical and emotional challenges holding me back. I went from being stuck, frustrated and exhausted to feeling alive, energized and empowered to take on the world!

Joanna Blanker

Founder, Healthy Bisnezz
Yet again, working with Kafi has been amazing. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She helped me get amazing results in life and business in a matter of weeks!

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