Helping Leaders Reduce Stress,
Increase Energy, Simplify Success

With Kafi London


I’m Kafi London and I help female leaders reduce stress, increase energy and simplify success so they can live, work and play on their own terms.

As a mind, body & success mentor, I help high achievers who find themselves on the verge of burnout, reclaim their flow and soar to new heights. If you want to be healthier, happier and do your life’s best work but don’t have a clear plan on how to achieve this, I can help you get there faster than if you were going it alone. Let me show you how!

If you are like most Leaders I meet, you’re probably already…

But…You Want More Out of Life…Right?

  • You’ve lost your steam and can barely keep it together.
  • You’re living behind a mask with a fake smile fooling everyone around you but yourself!
  • You’re ready for something more fulfilling and meaningful, but not sure what that is.
  • You’ve lost track of your eating and exercise routines and the extra pounds are weighing you down
  • You’ve tried a bunch of things more than once including potions and supplements, Home Workouts, Weight Watchers, even the gym, but nothing gets the results you are looking for
  • You put everything and everyone ahead of your own needs. You wake up tired with barely enough energy to get through each day
  • You drag yourself home at the end of the day, have a glass of wine while taking care of your loved ones – when you finally hit the pillow, you lay awake all night – your mind on overdrive.

Sound familiar? If Yes, You’re not alone.


Conquer Executive Overwhelm

A 90-minute one-to-one consultation designed to help you reduce stress and take back control of your life.

Recharge & Re-energize

A luxury mini-escape designed to help you recharge your mind, reenergize your body & clarify a step-by-step plan for what’s next.

Revitalize Your Life

My 6-month Mastermind designed to help you heal you mind and transform your body and unlock your next level of success.

Private Coaching

My highest level of support where I provide 1:1 customized coaching to help you reach your specific business, leadership or lifestyle goals.

Meet Kafi London

With the help of my team, I help leaders who may find themselves on the verge of burnout…get their mind, body and life back without sacrificing success.

After more than 25 years consulting with Fortune 500 companies (like The Coca Cola Company, Hewlett-Packard, Kimberly Clark & Shell Chemical Company), I became a workaholic and soon found myself on the verge of burnout.

Successful?  Yes… but I was stressed and a hot mess… that was until I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Fast forward a few years…I have turned my life around –happy, healthy and doing my best work.

Along the way, I’ve helped other leaders get what they want…by helping them reclaim their mind, body and life so they can focus on what really matters.

If this is what you are also searching for, then I hope you will join us.

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See how I’ve help change real women’s lives for the better with positive results everytime!

Dorothy Andreas

President & Business Owner
Kafi’s system taught me how to find my passion again. She helped me produce results that have impacted my energy and career!

Karen K.

Certified Life Coach
By following Kafi’s system I was able to breakthrough the mental, physical and emotional challenges holding me back. I went from being stuck, frustrated and exhausted to feeling alive, energized and empowered to take on the world!

Joanna Blanker

Founder, Healthy Bisnezz
Yet again, working with Kafi has been amazing. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She helped me get amazing results in life and business in a matter of weeks!

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