Are you losing your SPARK?

Are you losing your SPARK?

Are you losing your SPARK?

Most of us don’t set ourselves up to feel exhausted, deflated and miserable all day long; it just seems to creep up on us.

SPARK is that energy, enthusiasm, or liveliness that moves you forward, energizes you and fills you with the pleasures of life.

You feel excited, vibrant and enthusiastic about who you are and the work you are doing.

Without regular nurturing and attention, the mojo goes and your once vibrant spark starts to fade.

It’s not that you have lost your spark completely, it’s just that you have unconsciously chosen to focus on your shortcomings instead of your strengths.

The cost of ignoring the warning signs often affects your mindset, mood and motivation – and can perhaps eventually lead to burning out.

The reality is that you’re stuck in a new level of normal and it’s time to recalibrate, to shake things up, and, as author Gay Hendricks says in the Big Leap, “Set a new upper limit.”

Change is tough, especially when you’re submerged in the darkness and can’t focus long enough to realize there is light just ahead of you, but you can get your spark back by taking steps to let go of what is weighing you down and actively focusing on the things that you are passionate and excited about.

Let’s be honest, we both know that change does not happen overnight, but taking the first step is a step towards intention.

Here are 3 things that have worked for me and I hope they serve you, too.

👉🏽 Write down a list of things that are going well (or that you are grateful for).

Be thoughtful as you put pen to paper and write.

Try coming up with a list of at least 25 things as this will energize you.

BTW – I typically encourage my clients to come up with a list of at least fifty things, so I know you can come up with 25, right?

👉🏽 Shift your state – Set your body in motion (it really does help to stop any negative overthinking).

Do whatever works for your level of fitness; it may be a simple leisurely walk – or in my case, I love to shift negative energy by jumping with my arms above my head. It often takes every ounce of energy to jump a few inches off the floor, but repeating it back-to-back a few times is a good reminder of what IS possible!

👉🏽 Connect with someone who has your back – make sure it’s someone who can help lift and shift your spirits during this time of need.

Over the last few years, I have become very intentional about who is “energetically” in my circle.

There was a time I was a people pleaser and I would allow others to sap and drain my energy – in the end it was a win-lose relationship.

Nurturing relationships where we all win has become so much more empowering and rewarding for all involved in my circle.

Typically, if one person is feeling “off” the energy of the others elevates any negative feeling and the bounce-back factor comes into play a lot quicker in these circumstances.

Remember, your spark is non-negotiable.

Keep shining!

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