Boost Your Energy and Create More Impact

Boost Your Energy and Create More Impact

Most of my clients have a history of success.

I love their ambition, passion and drive and it’s always exciting to hear the unbelievable things they have accomplished both personally and professionally.

While they’re proud of their successes – they find themselves running out of steam…often questioning if they still have the enthusiasm to keep going.

In today’s time-constrained work environment if you’re looking to be more, do more, and create more impact at work (and in your life), you have to pay attention to your energy levels.

“When you manage your energy you discover an inexhaustible supply of fuel to power your mind and body.”
– The Energy Project

Energy is the fundamental currency that helps you thrive; without energy – very little can be achieved on a consistent basis…it’s about being physically energized and mentally charged so you can continue doing the work you love.

Recently, while working with a client who was feeling lost and deflated, I decided to walk her through the following model.

My hope was that it would bring some clarity and perspective to where she found herself.

Here’s what we talked through:

Starting from the lower rung of the ladder…

  • When you’re fed up, it typically comes with feeling angry – and as a result, the impact could be non-existent or potentially destructive if one’s heart is not in it.)
  • When frustrated, you may find yourself aggravated  – at which point your impact is likely below par.
  • When content your feel comfortable, so your impact might be considered questionable at best.

The green line represents the breakthrough point. As you continue to ascend the ladder, your state and impact become more positive.

People with low energy typically find themselves below the line and those with high energy above the line.

Helping clients break through blocks and ascend the ladder as they go from “turned off” to “turned on” is what energizes and drives me.

Okay, now that you have the goods…it’s your turn to answer a few questions to shift from where you are to where you would like to be…

  1. Where are you currently on the ladder?
  2. How does this make you feel?
  3. Imagine ascending the ladder, where would you love to be and why?

If you would like to share your answers with me – simply reply to this email.

That’s it for today!

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