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Kafi is a true professional who encourages participants to reach their full potential. She has helped me balance my workouts and my work. Being an over 50 professional woman – this was no easy feat. I have managed to not only lose weight, but I have improved my overall health. I attribute this in large part to Kafi’s guidance both in class and out. She shares her vast knowledge of how to achieve a healthy lifestyle without judgement and has guided me in putting my health first. Kafi is truly an excellent teacher who leads by example – Helen  

I know you have my back – thanks for all the good advice – I’ve followed every bit of it. – Private client 

Kafi taught me how to find my passion again. She taught me how to focus on caring for myself and manage my time better which have produced amazing results and given me back my energy to dedicate to my business. – Dorothy 

Kafi helped me make it through 100 days of something that I didn’t think I could take for another minute! She is the best instructor, now I feel amazing! – Crystal

Thank you for your encouragement, positivity and kindness – I could not have done it without you – Private client

Thank you for being so easy to work with. Your energy is always on another level no matter if its 5AM or 5PM you always radiate positively and I love that about you. You work so hard at what you do and I appreciate you as the amazing woman you are! – Bernie