Energy is your Superpower

Energy is your Superpower

So, what’s your Superpower?

Sure, it can be cool to have a superpower that enables you to fly or breathe underwater like your favorite superhero, but when energy is your superpower, I believe everything becomes possible.

One thing we both know for sure is that energy powers and empowers us.

Energy is the fuel that stimulates the body and mind – and we need it to perform tasks and maintain our daily lives.

When we are low on mental and physical energy, we feel tired and sluggish – as a result, we typically don’t get very much accomplished.

These days, keeping our energy topped up can be a challenge because our environment and habits constantly demand more and more attention.

The ability to stay energized is also one of the key success principles for success in the workplace – so it is worth some attention.

But when you feel your superpower is losing power – what then?

Luckily, despite the drain, energy is one superpower that you have control of!

The bottom line is… the process of getting better at staying energized is not complicated, it just takes knowing what takes you from feeling fed up to fired up!

On the work front at least, I want to help you take responsibility for refueling your own energy, so here are 4 key questions to help:

  1. A macro question: How does being energized play into your definition of success?
  2. A micro question: What makes you happy each day?
  3. An ongoing question: What are your values?
  4. A bonus question: If you had a month free from responsibility – how would you spend your time and resources?

Integrate the answers to these four questions and you will be closer to taking ownership of your energy.

The ability to stay energized at a high level is the greatest superpower you can have.

Once you take responsibility for your energy – you’ll have an advantage over almost anyone and anything you put your mind to.

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