Fully Charged?

Fully Charged?

Is your smartphone fully charged?

If it’s not, I bet you have a charger (or several charging sources close by), or you know where you are going to charge your phone if it gets low, right?

For example, if you’re out and about, perhaps…

  • You have a mobile charger handy; or
  • You have an AC adapter that you can plug into somewhere; or
  • You have a backup charger in your car perhaps; or
  • You’re going to borrow someone else’s charger when you arrive

When it comes to our smartphones or our smart devices, we’re always looking at how much charge they have left.


Well, it’s because we know when the charge gets low, there’s only a limited amount of time before the device dies.

Often what causes alarm is when we get that notification, “low battery mode, 20% remaining.”

Although we know there’s still plenty of juice left, our palms get sweaty.

If we don’t get an opportunity to plug in – the next warning sign pops up when there’s 10% left…and by this time, we’re in a state of panic – desperately looking for charging options.

With the amount of time, energy, and concern you put into keeping your smart device charged, imagine if you look at yourself as a human-sized battery and were just as conscientious about charging yourself.

Instead, we often simply ignore our body’s 20% warning sign as so many of us are juggling life, work, family and home on less than optimal power.

Perhaps it’s a great time to think about what you need to be fully charged – because when you’re fully charged, you are energized, excited, and actively engaged in things… and the reality is… you can do so much more compared to when you’re not fully charged.

Today, I want to bring it back to something I call the sweet spot – when you’re firing on all cylinders, performing at the top of your game, and you’re enjoying the process along the way.

Keep your flame burning!

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