Healing With Movement

Healing With Movement May 9, 2019Leave a comment


Recently, I shared my story of being on the verge of burnout in my corporate career to discovering my fulfilling purpose where I help women lead healthier, happier, more balanced lives. In this podcast, I sat with my good friend Rosetta Thurman and share how every woman has an inner feminine superpower waiting to be reclaimed! Unfortunately, many of us are too overworked, overwhelmed or burnt-out to recognize it.

In order to reconnect to ourselves, I share how movement, specifically the healing body experience called Femme!, is an easy way for every woman to therapeutically restore her body. Additionally, Femme! and the natural flow of energy it releases is emotionally and spiritually healing as well.

I want every woman to get that fire back into her belly so she can once again be strong, sexy, and unstoppable! When we move emotion through our bodies with movement, we reclaim our mind, body, and feminine superpower.

Click to listen: https://tinyurl.com/y49fyylu.

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