How To Bring More Energy To Your Conversations

How To Bring More Energy To Your Conversations

Whether you are continuing to work from the comfort of your home or you’re slowly returning to the office, face-to-face conversations are a key part of connecting powerfully at work.

So, when it comes to conversations, what does your energy and enthusiasm say about you?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase…

“It’s not what you say that counts, but how you say it.”

While the words we choose for conversations with clients, peers and team members are important, “How” we convey meaning and information to others has a direct correlation to the impact we make.

There have been a number of studies with varying results, most experts agree 70-90% of all communication is non verbal. We know the importance of good body language but often don’t know how to lift and shift energy to create the desired impact.

This past weekend, I conducted a workshop during which I asked attendees to communicate how they were really feeling. The invitation was to simply use the body without speaking a word out loud.

The result was powerfully moving for all those present – in each case, the message was loud and clear (and not a word was uttered).

Here are three more ways you can bring energy into your conversations

Stand up!
You can have the best message in the world but if you’re slumped over, looking at the floor, that is where all your energy is headed – right down to your toes.

Whether you’re online or in-person, there is something magical that happens when you share your message from a standing position. If standing is not an option (or does not make sense in your situation) – then elongate your spine, roll your shoulders back and lift your chin 1 inch (that will do the trick).

Smize & Smile
When coaching individuals, leaders and executives on how to communicate with energy, they are often unaware of their sour expressions.

Frowning signals the brain that something difficult is happening which increases stress and prompts even more nervousness and discomfort.

The secret is to smile softly with your eyes (smize) and your mouth (smile). No, not a cheesy Cheshire cat kinda smile – that for sure is a turnoff. It may take a little practice but smizing and smiling are key x-factors to how others receive you.

Be Enthusiastic
Dial up your enthusiasm by around 20% in your next meeting. The more energy you exude in a positive manner, the more you’ll attract those around you. BTW – the added 20% seems to even itself out by the time it reaches your listeners, so don’t be afraid to lean into it.

Involve your hands
Many professional speaking schools teach us to minimize hand gestures when we communicate. Personally, I think unless you are great at this, you’ll look robotic; so I believe it’s important for your hands to feel natural and organic.

If you’re not used to speaking with your hands, consider using a few props to make your point as this can instantly make you seem more interesting and animated.

Get the message right, too
While energy is an important part of getting your message across, everything you do, from your smile to the amount of eye contact you use will have an impact on how others feel about you.

Remember, communicating with energy is a delicate dance of sharing non-verbal and verbal information powerfully.

Think carefully about your words and connect your well-thought-out message with your energy to maximize impact.

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