In Pursuit of Happiness at Work

In Pursuit of Happiness at Work

Did you know…a whopping 79% of people are not engaged at work?

Are you one of them?

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report, employee engagement was on track to peak in 2019 – but since then has stalled (and we both know why).

The experts at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center have compiled extensive research which suggests being engaged is critical to our well-being and happiness at work.

So, what makes YOU happy at work?

There are probably a ton of things you would list – but the real question is – are you searching for someone or something to come along and make you happy?

Most of us have access to things right in front of us every day that could make us deliriously energized and happy if only we would let them.

On a personal note, things changed for me when I realized happiness doesn’t need to be created for me. It exists within, and it’s up to me to choose happiness.

Happiness is attainable by anyone, so long as they want it. If you don’t want to be happy you won’t be. If you really want to find the happiness you’ve been searching for, you can do just that!

A great way to find happiness each day is to give yourself permission to stay energized (without artificial stimulants like coffee and energy drinks). It takes practice, but once you become skilled at it, the rewards are pure joy!

Spreading Positive Energy

Even though there is a lot going on at work there is an opportunity to shift the needle from negative to positive.

Energized workers do better work and this is a great way to be, feel and live.

No matter what position you hold, you can take charge of your energy to increase your job satisfaction and have a positive influence on those around you.

Improve Your Energy at Work

  1. Think positive. Focus on the things you like about your job and the people you work with. Remind yourself of reasons to be grateful, such as opportunities to travel or flexible hours so you can attend your child’s soccer games. Look for the humor in having to complete a detailed form that no one ever reads or devote your energy to thinking about more constructive things.
  2. Use your strengths. Identify your strong points and put them to work for you. Whether you’re an emerging leader, manager or leader of leaders, volunteer for assignments that will make the most of your talents.
  3. Connect with your motivation. Keep in mind the purpose of your work. You may feel a personal affinity with the bigger mission of your work or feel gratified knowing that you’re providing for yourself and your family.

Help Others Feel Energized at Work

  1. Regard others with affection and compassion. It’s easier to have pleasant relations with your coworkers if you decide to like them. Find something you like about each coworker and focus on that quality when you engage.
  2. Be generous with praise. Observe the good qualities and skills that your team members possess. Let them know that you appreciate their strengths and contributions.
  3. Help out. Pitch in when others ask for help. Pay attention and notice when someone has extra work so you can volunteer without even being asked.

The way you think about your work can lift your spirits and energy making you feel more engaged.

Instead of being one of the 79% (not being engaged at work), I invite you to focus on one energetic habit change that will help you venture across the line to be part of the 21% who are engaged and fired up about working life.

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