Lead with energy and increase your impact

Lead with energy and increase your impact

I see a lot of leaders struggling with this…

You’re responsible for motivating and inspiring others, but the reality is, you barely have enough energy to fuel yourself!

Sound familiar?

With so many demands on our energy these days, it is easy to feel (and be) depleted and not realize the effect we have on others.

Take my client, April, a Senior Manager in a high-tech firm.

She was already struggling with a high level of stress and low energy and yet she has to inspire her team to “keep going” and “achieve critical KPIs”.

Unfortunately, April’s situation is not unique.

Many other leaders are also emotionally drained by aspects of their jobs and lack the ability to find the internal inspiration that helps them get “juiced up” for their next team meeting.

The varying degrees of your state of energy can be your worst enemy or your best friend.

Looking at the Ladder of Impact model below (starting from the bottom up), we can see how our energetic “state” impacts others.

If you identify with being fed up, frustrated or content, your energy is turned off and you are probably functioning below the (green) line.

When your “state” lifts and shifts above the line, your energy improves because you are invigorated, driven or perhaps feel exhilarated – you turn up turned on and your possibility to create more impact soars.

Learning how to manage your energy effectively to help you lead better (rather than lag behind) requires a combination approach that involves having a growth mindset, bold vitality and amplified visibility.

As someone who is obsessed with facilitating high-vibe meetings and experiences. my mission is to leave people more energized than when they gathered.

Over the years, I have found there is magic in leading with positive energy – it creates a powerful ripple effect that seamlessly resonates out to others.


Oh, and before you go, a final two-part question…

Based on your current circumstances, what rung of the Ladder of Impact are you on? And, if the stars were aligned, where do you aspire to be?

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