Leadership Recharge

A day to say "you matter" to your female leaders

Let’s bring the culture of celebration, connection and care back to your female leaders in an experience we call…Leadership Recharge! 

The Problem

Leadership fatigue is real. Research shows top female performers are no longer thriving in their leadership roles. Given all the stressors over recent years, plus the responsibility of having to continuously exceed work demands and deadlines, some of your most valued female leaders are on the verge of burning out; in fact, they’re contemplating leaving right now – while we are having this conversation!

We’re fast approaching a code red situation because if your female leaders run out of gas, that’s it. Momentum, motivation, performance, and productivity will grind to a halt and your organization will be stuck on the side of the highway waiting for roadside assistance.

The Solution

Help your leadership recharge.  Before leaders burn out, let them know you care by curating an empowering, energizing immersive experience facilitated by Kafi.

After 27 years in the fast-paced, high-demand world of management consulting, Kafi lost her drive and passion for the work she once loved and eventually paid the price…BURNOUT!

Now she’s a lifeline helping others avoid the same mistakes and with this, she brings deep compassion to the challenge of feeling overworked, overwhelmed and underappreciated as a female leader.

Blending her experience and expertise in leadership, facilitation and well-being, this deep-dive experience has been curated with one goal in mind…to recharge and retain your leaders!

What does the program look & feel like?

Leadership Recharge is an uplifting, empowering experience.

Each experience is uniquely curated to meet your needs and the needs of your leaders.

It starts with a pre-event alignment consult – where Kafi will work with you to co-create your experience so it includes the right balance of activities and engagement.

By integrating leadership development strategies and well-being healing modalities, your leaders will leave equipped with tools to thrive when they return to work.

CELEBRATION: Recognizing individual and team contributions to the organization’s underlying success.

CONNECTION: Facilitated in-person team building activities to strengthen communication, engagement and collaboration – all critical components for building a productive and motivated workplace

RELAXATION: Cultivating space and time for leaders to shut out the outside world, rest and recalibrate without external pressure provides the opportunity to slow down and recharge mental and physical batteries.

MOMENTUM: When your leaders become skilled in leveraging key strategies and techniques to continuously stay recharged, they can better manage their own needs.

What leaders say…

“As I lay down to retire for the evening, my head is filled with so many amazing reflections and insights from today.

Words can’t express (how I feel). I am so grateful.

Thanks again for an incredibly transformative experience.”


Senior Manager, Bank of America

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