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About Kafi

Kafi spent 27 years climbing the corporate ladder working “in the trenches” of the fast-paced, high-demand world of management consulting supporting global training and organizational change initiatives. Past clients include The Coca-Cola Company, Hewlett-Packard, Kimberly-Clark and Shell Chemical Company.

After almost three decades of disregarding her own needs, life caught up with her and she lost the drive and passion to be successful. Overwhelmed, overworked and overweight, she eventually paid the price…BURNOUT!

Fast forward, she is now helping ambitious professionals avoid the same mistakes.


Known by her clients as the Fire Starter, she reignites those who feel their flame is starting to fade.

Leadership is intense at the best of times and despite being resilient, even the best leaders struggle with feeling energized and inspired to do their best work…and Kafi teaches her clients just how to do this.


And here is the official version…

Born and raised in London, Kafi and now lives in Atlanta and is known for her work as a top speaker, facilitator, coach and mentor.

She loves leading results-based workshops and transformational experiences around the world that help and high-performers create balance BEFORE they burn out.

In addition to being an expert facilitator, Kafi supports clients through one-to-one coaching, group programs, intensive experiences and transformational retreats.

Kafi uniquely blends her expertise as a management consultant, certified fitness professional and work-life balance expert to help driven, high-performers have more…all without sacrificing success!

Kafi has proudly co-authored three books:

  • 303 Solutions for Reaching Goals and Living Your Dreams,
  • 303 Solutions for Communicating Effectively and Getting Results
  • 303 Solution for Overcoming Challenges.

Most recently Kafi had a spotlight appearance at the She Means Business Female Founders’ Dinner hosted by Facebook and Civic Dinners.

Kafi is Chair of the Events Committee and an active Board Member of the British American Business Council of Georgia.

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