A Personal Message for you, Patricia


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You’ll feel more confident and comfortable if you’re prepared. The best way to combat nervousness is to know your speech forwards and backwards, so give yourself plenty of time to practice and nail your presentation.

Remember, it's not all about you.

Understand that in most cases, people aren’t there to watch you. They are there for the information you’re providing. Focus on giving the best possible information. If you can do that, your worries about your speaking skills take a back seat.

Keep things simple

Don’t try to cram too much information into too little time. Use charts, graphs, and other visual aids. Determine the most important facts you need to share and focus on those.

A well-prepared, simple speech/presentation that covers critical information is better than a complicated one with all the bells and whistles. Try and focus on the most relevant information and give your presentation “space to breathe.”

Imagine you're an audience member

Determine what your audience wants to get from your speech. Then focus on delivering in a way that is engaging and interactive.  For those that don’t like attention (like you, Patricia), this point is super important.

Record Yourself!

Yes, this is super scary, but also a necessary part of growth.

Set up a camera and record yourself.

First, listen to it without watching yourself.

  • How do you sound?
  • Are there too many “umms” and awkward pauses?
  • Take notes on how you can improve.

Next, just watch yourself without the audio.

  • How do you look?
  • Do you have any awkward or annoying mannerisms?
  • Again, take notes.

Now, listen and watch simultaneously.

  • What can you improve?
  • Take notes
  • Make the necessary adjustments and

Visualize success

Imagine yourself giving an amazing speech, and your audience applauding you. Positive vibes all around!

Practice makes perfect!

Keep learning, keep growing, and conquer those fears!

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