Prioritizing Energy Over Time

Prioritizing Energy Over Time

I don’t know about you but time management has always topped my list of soft skills to master as I strive to get more done in the time I have.

To be totally honest, I have experimented with many strategies, tools, and apps over the years to better manage my time (and I am still working on it).

Over the years I have invested in learning many time management tools and principles including:

  • Pareto Principle (Focusing on adopting the 80/20 rule)
  • Pomodoro Technique (Using a timer for 25 minutes of focused deep work followed by a break)
  • Eisenhower Matrix (Prioritizing things based on urgency and importance)

Each one of these principles (and many more) have served me in some way over the years but it has been hard to find a solution that helps me consistently achieve better results over an extended period of time.

It’s taken a while to figure this out but I have noticed I can get so much more done at home and work when I plan many activities around my energy level.

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