About Kafi

Who Am I?

I’m Kafi London and I’m the Founder and CEO of Smart Women on Fire, a global empowerment company helping ambitious women get unstuck and become unapologetically unstoppable, so they feel alive, energized and empowered to live, work and play on their own terms!

As a successful woman, life often gets in the way! Time flies and before we know it, we get off track and lose our way trading stress for success.

Sometimes you need a fairy godmother to come along and snap you back to reality…. In other words, someone who can help you reclaim your life, get out of their own way and go after what you REALLY want…. Well, think of me as your fairy-godmother! 😊

My mission is to help professional women and female entrepreneurs breakthrough what is holding them back so they can re-ignite the flame within – eliminating the stress and overwhelm that has held them from moving forward.

Using my proven system, women will discover the magic formula to feeling alive, energized and empowered again!

When it comes to professional titles, I have had many in my time – some boring, some serious – but to be honest, titles have never really been my thing. Instead, I like to think of myself as a fun, energetic, free spirit who loves to live life to the fullest!

Before starting Smart Women on Fire, I spent more than 20 years in the trenches as a technology consultant helping Fortune 500 companies training thousands of employees and associates around the world.

I knew I needed to change

After being a workaholic for more than twenty years, I realized I had lost my way, was stuck and on the verge of burnout. So, I started the journey to reclaim my life in the hope of discovering my ultimate purpose.

Luckily, I found my answer and in doing so Smart Women on Fire was born.

I am now doing my life’s best work helping ambitious women around the world get out their own way, face their fears and go after what they want – Ladies, it’s time to reclaim your life. I’m here to help you get off auto pilot, get unstuck and become unapologetically unstoppable so you feel alive, energized and empowered to live, work and play on your own terms!


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