The Energy effect

The Energy effect

In life and work, it’s often said that energy is contagious. And I believe this to be true!

When we’re around people who are excited and passionate about who they are and what they do, it rubs off and typically makes us feel great.

On the flip side, when we’re surrounded by negativity and apathy, it can be draining and we need to be as far away from the doom and gloom as we can.

Often we are great at noticing how others make us feel but let’s reverse the tables for a second – because having great insight is when we become aware of how our own energy impacts those around us.

I recently published a Special Report titled: 7 Signs You Have a Great Place to Work and in it I shared the Energy Ladder of Impact. I’m adding the model here to help visualize things better.

Take a look at the “ENERGY” column and see where you fall on the ladder.

What is your energy saying about you?

If you find yourself most frequently stuck in one of the energy levels below the green line, it could mean you are “turned off”.

Low energy often translates to feeling Irate or Irritated resulting in a negative impact on others.

If you are neither up nor down, a default holding position might have you feeling Fine or Indifferent.

However, if you find yourself above the green line, you are likely radiating positivity and enthusiasm, feeling involved, immersed, or invested and the positivity naturally lifts others.

When we’re conscious of the energy we’re putting out into the world, we can make a deliberate choice to shift our energy accordingly and create a positive impact.

I believe it’s worth paying a little attention to what you emit – because who knows – you could be the light in someone’s day.

Keep shining,

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