Energize your body with

A wholly engaging experience that transforms and revives.


Femme! is a therapeutic
and healing experience.

That fuses together primal movement,
meditation, and celebration.


Move, meditate, & celebrate
your feminine superpower

While reducing overwhelm and
boosting your energy!


What is Femme! All About ?

Femme! is Meditative

Time and space are afforded to focus on personal wellness and self-care practices.

Femme! Connects 

The sanctity provided allows you to take risks and to connect deeply within yourself and with others.

Femme! is Sisterhood

Your voice is heard and your presence is affirmed in a sacred and safe space that invites women to bond.

Femme! is Primal Movement

A passionate fusion of sensual dance, meditation, vocalization, and celebration of the human form.

Femme! is a transformational healing experience that fuses movement, meditation and celebration into an emotional healing experience allowing female leaders to release tension and overwhelm by using the natural rhythm of the body

Testimonials from Femme! Attendees

“I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the Femme! Experience. It is definitely an experience that many women would benefit from embracing.”
Mary H.

“The energy-filled experience left me feeling leveled and inspired.”
Jordan P.

“After Femme! I felt recharged and rejuvenated.”
Valencia R.

“I’ve never found a movement experience that is as physically satisfying, as emotionally freeing.”
Julie A.

“Everything my body needed and continues to need – I need this in my life on a regular basis!”
Jackie M.

“Mesmerising and unforgettable.”
Yolanda B.

Femme! is perfect for small, medium and large groups including boutique events (such as bridal showers, baby showers and ladies night in), corporate leadership events, and retreats.

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