Monetize Your Expertise

This private intensive is for ambitious women looking for clarity on how to identify their superpower and monetize their expertise!


You have been spinning your wheels for weeks, months or maybe even years.

Frustrated, confused, and stuck because you know you are not doing your best work and there are greater things to accomplish in your career or business, but you can’t find the clarity you are looking for.

Investing in a 1:1 intensive session is your jumpstart to getting unstuck so you can start the journey to creating the life you desire.

Here’s What You Get When You Invest In A 90-Minute Intensive

  • An in-depth, pre-session questionnaire to prepare you for your virtual 90-Minute Intensive (simply going through the process of completing this document is a real eye-opener!)
  • A 90-minute virtual intensive with me (via Zoom or Skype call) where I will help you get clarity on your superpower and outline key action steps to take so you can potentially monetize one or more of your options.
  • A documented summary of your high-level plan so you have guidelines you can return to and review at any time.
  • Bonus: The full video recording of the entire session for you to listen and learn from over and over!

Work With Me

If you are ready to invest in a private intensive, please click here to schedule your call.

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