Fired Up!

Life and leadership are intense at the best of times and for most ambitious, talented, driven individuals, the journey of ascending the ladder of success is more art than science.

From driving business success in a fast-paced, high-speed, challenging environment, managing staff, meeting organizational expectations and resolving client demands…to managing one’s personal life, loves and tribulations, leadership is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Many top performers are simply running out of gas – and are now on the verge of walking out the door. The top three reasons are:

  1. Leaders are overworked and overwhelmed
  2. Leading through uncertain times has been tough
  3. Leaders are unhappy and have become disengaged

With that said, we have found the ONE REAL REASON behind all the problems is leaders have lost their drive and passion for the work they once loved.

At the core, they have lost their “zing” – that fire in the belly that lights them up from the inside.

Our focus is to reenergize leaders so they create energized teams.

We find applying tools and new ways of thinking will help those struggling to move from below the line (where they are turned off) to above the line (turned on – empowered and energized by what they do).

Fired Up is about building a culture of resilience, trust, and engagement.

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