About Smart Women on Fire

What is Smart Women on Fire?

Smart Women on Fire is a global empowerment company helping exhausted leaders reduce stress, prioritize self-care so they feel alive, energized and empowered to take back control of their lives!

As Founder and CEO, Kafi London’s mission is to uplift and empower women who find themselves stuck, permission to be badass and unstoppable so they can live their best life.  It’s about informing, educating and equipping them with the tools and strategies to get unstuck, face their fears and get out their own way to live the life they desire!

Smart Women on Fire believes that within every woman there is one who is ready to love herself unconditionally, be her most authentic self, stand in her own power, confidently embrace her feminine superpower, and be the “badass” she was designed to be. She is unapologetically happy having cracked the code to creating the ultimate life she wants – a life that allows her to stress-less, put herself first (especially when it comes to self-care) and take back control of her life!

Smart Women on Fire is a community of women who love, learn and have fun together. We support and uplift one another on our journey toward becoming unstuck and shifting our mindset, re-energizing our bodies, and reconnecting with our feminine superpower. We offer a space that is encouraging, challenging, and inspiring. We welcome, embrace, and celebrate every woman who strives to become the best version of herself while providing her with the tools, motivation, and accountability to be successful.

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