In full disclosure, we understand this is not in the format of the requested RFP response (nor does it address all your questions).

However, we share a strong alignment with your objective and outcome and believe a more personalized approach would better meet the needs and outcomes of your staff.

In lieu of submitting an RFP, we would like to extend an invitation to meet and discuss curating your magical experience together.

In the meantime, please keep reading for the key highlights of what you can expect from us.


Smart Women on Fire has a proven track record of thoughtful retreat planning, detailed event coordination, and engaging group facilitation that will be the perfect fit for your overnight staff retreat.

We love that Healthy Start is dedicated to improving maternal and child health and reducing poor birth outcomes and infant mortality – and we understand the delicate balance of caring for yourself while serving others can be challenging.

Our retreat approach emphasizes rest, play, self-care, and team building, which aligns perfectly with your goals for your staff. We believe that taking time to recharge and recalibrate benefits individuals and Healthy Start.

Here are a few highlights of what you can expect from our Recharge Retreats:

  1. Compassion – We understand the unique challenges of working in a demanding field that takes its toll on individuals. Your retreat will include activities that help alleviate the symptoms of compassion fatigue and provide grounding techniques that your staff can use when they return to work.
  2. Connection – We believe that team building is a key component of any successful retreat. Our experiences include activities that encourage team bonding and improve communication, leading to a more cohesive and supportive team.
  3. Care – Your retreat will focus on the importance of self-care and will provide opportunities for your staff to create a personalized self-care plan. This will help your staff maintain a healthy work-life balance and be better equipped to serve your community.
  4. Celebration – As a Black-owned business, we understand the importance of respite for the Black community. Our retreat incorporates Black joy and primal celebration elements that allow your staff to relax and recharge fully.

We are confident that Smart Women on Fire can provide a unique and engaging experience to meet your retreat goals.

As mentioned in the video, I’d like to extend an invitation to chat further and help you and the staff at Healthy Start Recharge and Recalibrate!

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