Are You Drowning In Your Leadership Role?

Are You Drowning In Your Leadership Role?

Leadership fatigue is real!

So…if you feel like you’re off your game, let’s talk!

Before we get to what you can do about it, Let’s talk about why [as a leader] having a positive “vibe” is so important.

Apart from the fact that you feel like you are constantly on cloud nine, the HIGHER your vibe, the more FULFILLED you feel about who you are and the work you are doing – specifically it’s a balance between feeling fully self-expressed and feeling energized so you can transfer that energy to others.

Speaker and author Matt Church says…

…”It is about doing work you love, the way you want with people you like!”

Sounds great to me 😊 – You?

Check this out:

  • Having a positive vibe can often be tied to positive flow and energy
  • According to a Gallup poll, depleted energy may be one of the reasons more than two-thirds of people feel less than fully engaged at work
  • Striving for leadership success can be exhausting – often a never-ending cycle of responsibility
  • A simple 5% boost in your energy level will increase your mindset, mood and motivation exponentially

So Kafi, how do I shift my vibe?

Great question.

Often in leadership, we lose ourselves because life and work get in the way. Before long we become drained, disconnected and disengaged with what matters most.

Over the years I have learned a lot from working with individuals, leaders and teams who have lost their inner flame and I have loved guiding them back to their rockstar status.

So, here are three gems to thrive and supercharge your A-game.

Know Your Value
e often get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to reflect on our achievements and expertise.

It starts by acknowledging that all the successes you have achieved to this point did not magically happen overnight.

Although in tough times you feel like you are surrounded by a dark cloud, the reality is, you have years of experience, accomplishments and success to celebrate.

Knowing your value is about reconnecting with your self-worth – which ultimately improves your self-esteem, fulfillment and resilience.

Elevate Your Vitality
When you lose your vibe to thrive – it is also very likely that you will find yourself slowing down, physically.

Recently while working with a client, we started our session by assessing her energy level and how she was staying motivated.

She didn’t realize she had become lethargic over time. Dancing and dating had been replaced with deadlines and commitments – all sucking her energy.

Elevating your vitality is about making time to prioritize your well-being needs. Most of us are trained to manage time – but the truth is optimizing energy is the rocket fuel to improving motivation and enthusiasm.

Amplify Your Visibility
When you have lost your vibe, it’s so easy for the overwhelm to feel dark and cloudy often causing you to retreat and eventually become invisible to your team, clients and those that are seeking your help. 

To thrive you have to be seen.

Being seen at work allows you to leverage your skills and build strategic relationships that will empower you to create the impact that matters.

So the bottom line is…

ValueVitality, and Visibility are the key ingredients to regaining your vibe and thriving at work.

If you are good to go – then feel free to use this framework to create momentum and get your A-game back.

Alternatively, if you are ready to thrive in your leadership role but need a boost to jumpstart your journey… let’s start a conversation.

Keep that flame alive…

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