Are you leaking energy?

Are you leaking energy?

Do you find yourself running on empty more often than not?

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of your job and your personal life?

If so, you could be burning the candle at both ends and not even realize it.

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or just plain exhausted, it may be time to check if you’re leaking energy!

I remember finding it difficult to slow down when things were crazy busy because I wanted to give my all at work and at home.

Eventually, I got knocked sideways and ran out of steam. I lost sight of my passion for working and who I was.

The bottom line, I crashed and burned and it took me several months to recover.

Like most people I know, when times are tough we’re conditioned to push more and keep up with the pace of things.

But, in reality, the answer could be in pausing to recalibrate and realign things.

One approach to preventing energy leaks is to take some time for yourself every day.

Try dedicating 20-30 minutes to an activity that relaxes and rejuvenates you.

With the focus on slowing down your over-active mind, this can be anything from relaxing with your favorite meditation app, reading a few pages of a book, to going for a brisk walk outdoors.

Whatever you decide, it’s important to make this time non-negotiable.

I often recommend my clients experiment with the idea of “creating time” first thing in the morning instead of reaching for their phone to scroll through the latest social media posts or check email.

If you are not a morning person then experiment with “scheduling time” in your day so you don’t end up skipping this valuable activity.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish – it’s non-negotiable and necessary if you want to protect your energy and avoid burnout.

If you’re starting to feel that burnout factor is creeping in, it might be time to take a step back and assess your situation.

Here are some signs that you may be leaking energy:

1. You’re constantly tired, even after a good night’s sleep.
2. You have trouble concentrating or focusing on tasks.
3. You’re easily irritated or get angry quickly.
4. You feel like you’re never able to get ahead or accomplish anything.
5. You’ve lost interest in activities that used to bring you joy.

If any of this speaks to you…it’s important to take action to address the issue otherwise, you risk further burnout and negative consequences for your health and well-being.

Stay energized!

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