Overcoming mid-Jan Blues to boost momentum

Overcoming mid-Jan Blues to boost momentum

Here’s hoping you had a great start to the new year and set BIG JUICY goals for the year ahead.

It’s natural to feel a sense of renewed energy and determination during the first few days of the year. But, by mid-month, it can be easy to lose momentum as the reality, stress, and demands of our roles leave us feeling drained, making it hard to stay inspired.

Today, I want to share one of my favorite tools I gift my clients each year (and I also use personally).

It is a secret weapon that will help you shift your mindset, mood, and motivation as we keep the momentum moving.

Typically, I kick off the year with a workshop where I guide attendees through an experiential journey using this tool, but as I didn’t get a chance to run the workshop this year, I decided to share the tool anyway.

YearCompass is a goal-planning tool created by a team in Europe in 2012 and, since then, has now been downloaded and used more than two million times.

In summary, the YearCompass will help you:

1. Review the sorrows and successes of last year.
Take time to review what didn’t work last year. What could you have done differently to mitigate the results? Understanding what went wrong can help identify patterns to make better decisions in the future.

2. Release clutter
Releasing mental, emotional, and physical clutter helps you start the year on the right foot setting the stage for a more focused, fulling, and productive new year.

3. Set clear goals and develop an executable plan of action
Clear goals will give you a roadmap and help you stay focused and motivated. With your goals in place, create a plan of action with specific tasks and milestones to help you achieve them.

Your Free Gift will only be available for a limited time, so download it now.

For the best outcome, either print a copy and write your answers directly in the workbook, or you can write your answers in your personal notebook or journal – the choice is yours!

All the instructions are included, so set aside a few hours, create a beautiful space for yourself, set the mood with some inspiring music, and enjoy setting your goals for the year.

Let’s make this January a successful one!

Stay motivated, stay focused and keep the momentum going!

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