Trading Energy Zappers For Energy Boosters

Trading Energy Zappers For Energy Boosters

Hi, A new season is literally around the corner.

This is the perfect time to use nature’s timing as a great inspiration for channeling your energy into creating something awesome that will serve you personally and professionally.

Keeping yourself motivated may feel like an uphill battle but one of the principles of great leaders is that they are in control of their own energy.

Regardless of your current position or skill level, optimizing your energy is the key to impacting and influencing others, because energized leaders create energized teams.

Having had a front seat on the energy roller coaster during my entire professional career, I believe energy is contagious and has a ripple effect on those we come into contact with.


Holding on to bad energy can literally feel heavy in the body.

When we connect with others, we unconsciously spread the heaviness within us leaving others feeling deflated, unmotivated or at worst, fearful.

These no-win situations leave everyone in a cloud of negativity – ultimately affecting success factors such as communication, connection and impact.

The good news is…positive energy is also contagious.


If you feel energized and have a positive vibe and attitude – connecting and engaging with others can result in them feeling uplifted, motivated and inspired.

Positive energy is the key to a productive work environment – and it also drives engagement with those you connect with.


  • Not everyone is cut out to be an energizer bunny, so here are some things to contemplate:
    Energy is not about being hyper all the time but instead being authentically attuned to who you are and what elevates your vibe.
  • The internal work comes first, the outer work comes second.
  • Others will connect with your energy and typically mirror and magnify what you project.


Many of my clients are lost in the world of pushing further, harder, faster and quicker only resulting in barely having enough energy to get to mid-afternoon – when the slump hits.

Together, we regularly conduct a personal energy audit – a tool to help them recalibrate before things get too far off track.

Here is the 3-step process I walk them through:

  • STEP 1: List five activities that zap your energy – and leave you feeling drained and exhausted.
  • STEP 2: List five activities that energize you and make you feel alive, vibrant and on fire.
  • STEP 3: For each item identified in step 1, determine what needs to change in shifting it from energy zapping to energy boosting?

Okay, that’s it for today. Stay energized and…

Keep the flame alive…

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