Yikes! My biggest fear – Cellulite

Yikes! My biggest fear – Cellulite
Hey Superwoman,

If you know me personally, you know one thing that I do very well is avoid talking about myself 😊

It is not intentional, but trying to unravel years of cultural programming can take a while so I continue to be a work-in-progress.

That said – I want to share something that alarmed me recently.

A few weeks ago – I had the pleasure of facilitating Leadership Recharge – a transformational retreat for women specifically curated with a focus on care, connection and celebration.

It was a much-needed experience for a group of superwomen who have been working waaaaaay too hard over the past weeks, months, and in many cases years.

That afternoon, I had the ladies embraced in a somatic movement activity – a powerful healing strategy I teach to get out of the head and into the body).

The bright sun peeked through the windows and for a split second, the light caught my right thigh.

To my horror, my usually smooth skin looked bumpy and dimpled – almost like the texture of orange peel. I was horrified.

I looked at my left thigh and noticed the same orange-peel texture.

Yep, there it was in plain sight – my biggest fear – C E L L U L I T E!

What the heck – I thought – where did that come from?

I quickly switched my thinking back to the attendees and made a mental note to put it out of my mind for the moment.

Later that evening, I stood in my bathroom mirror re-examining my jiggly bits and realized my orange-peel textured thighs were a sign of how I had deprioritized my own well-being over the last year or so.

Juggling business priorities, death of my dear father, consuming the Covid-comfort eating plan, low hydration and all that jazz (you know the deal) I had just put myself at the bottom of the list.

My dimply legs were the results of the work I had NOT been doing.

That following week, I decided it was time to reprioritize myself so I embarked on a personal self-care quest – the goal…to prioritize my emotional, physical and mental well-being to realign myself by focusing on the inside first.

I’m excited to say that I’m now four weeks into this self-care quest and here are some of the results I’m noticing:

Less stress and anxiety
Less brain fog
More energy to get me through the day
🌟 Less dimply legs (I have a way to go – but they are looking better)
My skin is better (I swear it’s the water I’m drinking)
🌟 And so much more!

The appearance of cellulite was my warning sign I had let myself go and something had to change – immediately.

This was non-negotiable – I was ready to get me back – and so I took action.

You and I are both wired to be great superwomen – and in order for our legacy to continue, we have to take care of ourselves (so we can take care of everyone else)!

One thing I know for sure is that there will always be challenges in life – unfortunately, it just comes with the territory.

But from one Superwoman to another – if you’re gonna conquer the world – you have to “Be” and “Feel” your best!

Take a minute (perhaps two) and get in tune with your body and reflect on the following questions?

  • What signs of stress, anxiety or lack of self-care do you notice?
  • What excuses have you been making to justify things?
  • What non-negotiables are you ready to declare?

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